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"There is much more to painting than just applying the paint. A high-quality paint job involves picking the right nap thickness, the right sheen of paint as well as preparing the walls and trim. Most painters don't take the time to do these things the right way. "-Bitar

Bitar Painting offers the highest quality interior paint jobs in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Here is what sets us apart...

  • The owner, Brandon Bitar, has been painting for over 10 years and is the main producer of the work at each job site. He is obsessed painting and perfection. Whereas many painting companies have less experienced painters performing the work and the owner of the company is not on the job site.

  • We prepare walls much more thoroughly than other painting companies….. We do this by shining a flashlight at an angle that is parallel with the wall in order to visual imperfections that are easily missed with the naked eye. We then mud and sand the imperfections in order to make the wall as smooth as possible. This leads to an outstanding finish after two coats of high-quality paint are applied.

  • We use high-quality roller covers that do not throw burs onto the walls during the painting application.

  • We lightly sand the entire surface of the wall before applying the first coat of paint. This rids the surface of tiny imperfections and bumps.

  • We caulk any gaps between trim and the walls before painting the trim.

  • We set any nails in the trim and mud the holes prior to painting.

  • We cut in and immediately back roll in order to minimize hat-banding.

  • After the work is complete, Brandon looks over the job with a careful eye for any touchups. He then goes looks over the job with the client to make sure they are 100% satisfied with work done.

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