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The Power of Options

  • Allow the investor to generate much higher and safer income (6-15%) than dividend stocks pay (2-4%).

  • Allow the investor to maximize great opportunities, and at the same time, cap the downside risk

  • Mitigate behavioral risk (the greatest risk every investor faces).

  • Protect the investor from market crashes much more effectively than asset allocation

  • Allow the investor to take advantage of opportunities that he/she otherwise would not have been able to act on if it weren't for the option

  • Can generate explosive returns on large, safe companies. These returns could only be mimicked, without the use of options, by purchasing risky small companies

  • Allow the investor to get paid to wait for his/her company drop to a better price before buying

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The investment landscape is filled with uncertainty. Learning how to use options is nearly a necessity for those that want to press ahead and invest with peace of mind.